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Famine – The Worst Drought In 40 Years Threatens People In Madagascar

Reliefweb 12 May 2021
The worst drought in 40 years is affecting people in the south of Madagascar particularly badly, devastating whole swathes of land ... The people in the south of Madagascar already need a lot of support and time, to get back on their feet", says Marlene Müller, Welthungerhilfe ...

South Madagascar heading towards famine: WFP

Anadolu Agency 30 Apr 2021
The UN program explained that croplands and pasture in southern Madagascar have been covered with sand and arable land transformed into wasteland across the region due to semi-arid conditions as well as high levels of soil erosion, deforestation and unprecedented drastic sandstorms.

Colorado College Student Uses 3D Printing To Help Build Schools In Developing Countries

CBS News 30 Apr 2021
The first school is set to be built in Madagascar in November of 2021. (credit ... Grout said the nonprofit is working with a university in Madagascar that will supply the land and oversee the school once it is built ... Grout will graduate from CU this spring, with the goal of traveling to Madagascar in November to start the building process ... ....

Southern Madagascar on brink of famine, warns WFP

Reliefweb 29 Apr 2021
We need the money and resources now to help the people of Madagascar ... Semi-arid conditions in southern Madagascar, combined with high levels of soil erosion, deforestation and unprecedented drastic sandstorms, have covered croplands and pasture with sand and transformed arable land into wasteland across the region.

The Grand Tour season 4 episode 3: release date and upcoming episodes explained The Grand Tour

TechRadar 27 Apr 2021
Yes, the next Special will land later this year.Yes, it’s filmed in Madagascar and yes, there will be cars.Yes, we wanted to go to Russia.No, we couldn’t (we all know why).Yes, we will try again.No, we don’t know when.Yes, we will keep you updated.#TheGrandTourJuly 7, 2020.

Indian team completes training of Malagasy special forces in Madagascar

Yahoo Daily News 30 Mar 2021
A five-member Indian mobile training team with Malagasy special forces in Madagascar. Antananarivo [Madagascar], March 30 (ANI) ... The Malagasy special forces consisted of both the navy and army forces of Madagascar, according to a press statement ... "It is unprecedented in the history of our nation that land and marine forces did joint training.

Josh’s Frogs Welcomes Durand Expansion

Independent Newsgroup 30 Mar 2021
(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford). Josh Willard (right), owner of Josh’s Frogs based in Owosso, was worried when the state shut down last March due to COVID-19 ... “Who buys frogs when the world is ending?” Willard questioned ... Mantella frogs are native to Madagascar where there is a large land development issue causing a loss of habitat ... .

Stop degrading the land for political greed

Ghana Web 24 Mar 2021
Multinationals and foreign governments buy lands in poor African countries to exploit them intensively at an industrial level and often expel the resident peasants ... Madagascar has handed over to South Korea half of its arable land, about one million three hundred thousand hectares ... The company had bought everything, including land and villages.

On the frontier of science for food and agriculture

Reliefweb 05 Mar 2021
... improved farming practices in countries such as Benin, where smallholder farmers have tripled their yields; and Egypt, where topsoil losses have damaged almost half the arable land. Algeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Tunisia and Zimbabwe are some other countries that have benefited.

"New continent" found beneath Mauritius, Réunion

Afrol News 28 Feb 2021
Mauritia detached from Madagascar and India as these two parts of the giant continent Gondwana started drifting away from each other some 60 million years ago ... If the zone of the rupture lies at the edge of a land mass - in this case Madagascar and India - fragments of this land mass may be separated off," according to the report.

How African land deals override locals

Afrol News 28 Feb 2021
A new study into current land lease and sale contracts in Africa shows how local land users are mostly not even consulted in the process ... In most African countries, land is owned by the state ... Mr Cotula found examples of this in Madagascar - which in 2006 abolished the presumption of state ownership over untitled land - and Senegal and Sudan.

How plagues shape the global landscapeWhen cholera devastated Marseille in the 1830s, its mayor promised ...

Deccan Herald 24 Feb 2021
The lazaretto that had been designed for slaves was small and in precarious condition; another, built for the voluntary immigrants who arrived from lands as diverse as China, India, Yemen and Madagascar, was inaugurated in 1860 in the area known as La Grande Chaloupe (The Great Longboat).

Which Airlines Leased Hi Fly’s Airbus A380?

Simple Flying 23 Feb 2021
Air Madagascar. Summer 2019 also marked an aviation milestone for the African island nation of Madagascar ... In doing so, the aircraft became the first A380 to land in Madagascar, when it arrived in Antananarivo on a scheduled flight from Paris on June 30th, 2019.
photo: Creative Commons / Heinonlein
Route Nationale 7 (Madagascar)

Madagascar: A Nation of Hunger

Dissident Voice 20 Feb 2021
Madagascar is in great pain ... The extractivist engine of Madagascar’s economy has usurped lands intended for food crops and displaced the people living there ... In March 2009, the South Korean company Daewoo Logistics signed a 99-year lease in Madagascar for about 1.3 million hectares, or about half of the island’s arable land.

World's tiniest reptile 'Brookesian nana' found in Madagascar'We discovered it in the mountains of northern ...

Deccan Herald 06 Feb 2021
Scientists have identified Earth's smallest known reptile, warning at the same time that sustained destruction of forests in northern Madagascar threatens its survival ... "We discovered it in the mountains of northern of Madagascar," Frank Glaw, curator of herpetology at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, told AFP in an interview ... Madagascar.